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Air Show Announcer Luke Carrico provides the best in showmanship and presentation to aerial events worldwide.  Whether it's a large international air show, military base open house, or community airport day, Luke's presentation of the high-flying action places spectators directly into the cockpits overhead.  He is known for his enthusiastic and professional delivery, along with his ability to genuinely connect with the crowd.  


When it matters the most, Luke Carrico puts the show back in Air Show.

Modern and professional air show announcing and commentary to deliver your show the best way possible.

Curated music to set the tone & atmosphere for your air show and every performance.

From one act to the next, mixing voice, music, guests, and sponsor reads for a cohesive audio presentation.

Voiceover talent available for promotional material, sponsorship plugs, PSAs, and air show performances.






Since 2008, Luke Carrico has served as the voice of some of the world's most prestigious aerial events – from Maine to California to Japan.  He has worked with all of the major North American military jet demonstration teams, single-ship demonstration units, MAJCOMs, and countless award-winning civilian performers & aerobatic teams.  This year, Luke is expected to announce in front of a combined audience totaling over 1.7 million people at 21 different air shows in 15 states.

Show Calendar 2024

*Schedule subject to change


After being inspired by attending his hometown air show as a child, Luke Carrico began a lifelong love for aviation and air shows which is shown in his enthusiasm and demeanor announcing aerial events across North America and across the globe.

Luke began flight training well before he was able to drive.  He became very involved in his local air show supporting all aspects of event planning and coordination and in college, expanded his flying experience accumulating a variety of advanced flying endorsements while simultaneously absorbing the mentorship by some of the industry's top pilots and entertainers.

Since 2008, and professionally since 2015, Luke has dedicated his life to the art form of air show commentary.  In addition to his presentation skills, he serves as an independent consultant for air shows nationally, working as a civilian contractor for airshow entities and the U.S. military.  Luke has been invited to participate in some of the largest and most prestigious air shows in the country, and serves as an annual emcee & presenter at the annual International Council of Air Shows (ICAS) convention in Las Vegas each year.

Luke is also a member of multiple regional air show organizations along with the International Council of Air Shows (ICAS) and the European Air Show Council (EAC) – with the aim to support the spirit of advancement and progress of aerial events beyond borders.


Centrally located, Luke is a simple flight to anywhere in the United States, and has easy access to international airports to accommodate travel to nearly any airshow locale worldwide.

Aerotainment Solutions, LLC

Indianapolis, Indiana (IND)



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